Lean Feast: Best Tasting Chicken Dishes of APU Restaurant

Lean Feast: Best Tasting Chicken Dishes of APU Restaurant

The Filipino dining culture is particularly described as a feast in every meal. This is true on almost all occasions because most of the time, Filipino families enjoy their meals with a variety of dishes to choose from. And usually, meat dishes are staples in dining tables especially for families with kids disliking the taste of vegetables. However, not all families can sustain serving meat-rich dishes like pork and beef, making chicken a middle-ground for all.

At APU Restaurant, homegrown chicken dishes are considered holy grail for most diners. Below are the three chicken dishes that are surely lean but are bursting with flavors.

  • Chicken Inasal

Probably the most popular chicken dish in the Philippines to date. Inasal is a homegrown Bacolod chicken dish. The chicken is well-seasoned and marinated to perfection, and then roasted in the traditional charcoal rotisserie. The crispy skin with mild burns is a perfect example of contrast of texture against the juicy white meat. It wouldn’t be the Inasal that we keep coming back for more if it is not roasted with lemongrass in annatto oil.

  • Mommy’s Piniritong Manok

Nothing beats a childhood favorite, our mother’s secret recipe for a crispy and tasty fried chicken. We came to love chicken with this dish that is why we at APU restaurant is including our own version of the dearly beloved mommy’s fried chicken. The drumstick part and the thighs are marinated in fish sauce and calamansi, giving it the right saltiness and twang that we Filipinos are accustomed to. And to complete the experience, the dish is paired with homemade gravy.

  • Chicken Adobo

The last one on our list, but definitely not the least, is the chicken adobo. The Filipino cuisine has earned its popularity around the globe because of chicken adobo. In a social experiment done by iJuander in GMA News TV, half of the respondents claimed that adobo should be the national dish of the Philippines. This only goes to show that our world-renowned adobo is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Philippine cuisine.

Since adobo is a dish that needs no side dishes nor elaborate garnishing to stand-out, APU remained faithful to the original taste and way of cooking. This dish is something that APU Restaurant kept simple and basic. What you’ll get is the nostalgic tasty adobo with perfectly simmered chicken meat.


The next time you crave for all-time Filipino chicken dishes, all you need to do is to drop by APU Restaurant located at the heart of the City of Dreams leisure complex.