The Healthy Side of APU Restaurant

The Healthy Side of APU Restaurant

Filipino foods are rich, flavorful and savory dishes that satisfy everyone’s palate. The smell indicates comfort synonymous to home. The texture is bursting with different contradictions enough to excite the tongue. And the combination of the three speaks perfection that can keep everyone locked to their seats at the dining table.

All of these make the cuisine unforgettable yet calorie-rich. That’s when it becomes a little problematic for people who watch their diet. Filipino dishes suddenly appear like irresistible minions from hell. And on days when the craving for these dishes creep in, the thought of getting fat always gets in the way.

For those who miss the Filipino flavor but are afraid of consuming more calories, APU has made a way to make it a lot healthier and forgiving for those who are on a diet. Meet APU’s salad entries, broken down to each calorie count.


Grilled deboned chicken leg quarter (154 calories) topped with mixed lettuce (7 calories) with sliced onions (6 calories) and mango salsa (124 calories) served with honey citrus vinaigrette (35 calories)

TOTAL Calories: 327 calories

While chicken can be a source of greater calories, APU’s chicken is grilled the right way to get rid of fat, unlike frying.


Fresh Mozzarella cheese (80 calories), sautéed onion (92 calories), lettuce (7 calories) and sun-dried tomato (139 calories) in honey citrus vinaigrette (35 calories)

TOTAL: 353 Calories

Indulge a little with some fresh mozzarella cheese while getting the flavors of sun-dried tomatoes with honey citrus vinaigrette.


Grilled eggplant (34 calories), fresh tomatoes (22 calories) with spicy coconut vinaigrette (109 calories).

TOTAL: 165 Calories

APU’s ensaladang talong is simple yet immensely diet-friendly. What’s more interesting is the spicy coconut vinaigrette which brings out the nutty flavor that is a staple in Filipino cuisine.


Sounds appetizing right?  Come and visit us at the City of Dreams in Pasay and taste our healthy servings of Filipino salads.

Our restaurant is open from Mondays to Sundays 10 AM to 2MN. For reservations, you can call (02) 887-1651, or at +63 949-9252600.




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