APU’s Bestselling Dishes and What Makes Them “Best”

APU’s Bestselling Dishes and What Makes Them “Best”

Filipino dishes are comfort foods. The taste, the texture, the well-seasoned concoction and the rich sauces can surely tell you that a dish is truly a Filipino food.  And despite the blossoming industry of foreign cuisines like Asian-fusion and Western food, Filipino cuisine will never go out of style.

APU Restaurant is one of the highly-sought Filipino fine dining restos in the Metro serving authentic Filipino dishes with some on their menu list originating from the Filipino culinary capital of Pampanga.

Below are the best-selling dishes of APU that you should really try to complete your Filipino cuisine experience.


The crispy pork-skin and “chicharron” together with the succulent pork meat gives this dish the right balance of texture that will surely satisfy your palate. Not to mention the rich mixture of egg and onion served on a hot sizzling plate that gives the entire Kapampangan experience to every diner of APU.


This is a version that replaces oxtail with beef chunks. APU’s Kare-Kare or peanut stew is meticulously cooked to perfection after combining blanched vegetables and tender beef chunks into a slow-heat cooking with peanut sauce. The result is a mouth-watering beef Kare-Kare perfect with spicy shrimp paste.


A well-seasoned mixture of quality ground pork and minced veggies gives APU’s fried lumpia (spring rolls) a name for itself. Fried until golden brown using vegetable oil and well-drained from excess oils makes these crunchy spring rolls less sinful but extremely savory.


One of the most sinful yet well-loved Filipino dishes following the famous Lechon (roasted pig) itself, is the Lechon Kawali. From the word itself, it is a roasted pig version without using a rotisserie or a convection oven. The process of roasting the pork meat uses a pan over the stove. The meat is roasted to the right crisp and the meat, with the right moisture. This dish is perfect for pork meat lovers.


With a considerable number of bodies of water providing an abundant source of seafood, the Philippines is a haven for seafood lovers. And when we say seafood, squids are staples and this seafood is a favorite of most Filipinos. APU’s grilled squid is unparalleled in terms of taste and texture. The squid is stuffed with the best Filipino side dish which is a combination of diced onions, tomatoes, minced garlic and ginger seasoned with fish sauce and cracked peppercorn.

The crucial part? The grilling of the squid. The entire stuffed squid is grilled meticulously for about 2 minutes on all sides to maintain the right tenderness.


With a lot of restaurants selling Inasal in full swing, APU’s Chicken Inasal is a force to be reckoned with. The secret lies in the original marinating process without any shortcuts to make sure the entire chicken meat is well-seasoned. It doesn’t stop there. The grilling is another process that APU values so much. A generous amount of margarine mixture is applied every now and then to make sure the skin is burnt the right way and the moisture of the chicken meat is retained. Lastly, the grilled chicken is paired with a homegrown Sinamak – an Ilonggo version of spiced vinegar. That is Inasal the Ilonggo way.


Craving for our bestsellers? Come and visit us at the City of Dreams in Pasay and taste Filipino cuisine like never before.

Our restaurant is open from Mondays to Sundays 10 AM to 2MN. For reservations, you can call (02) 887-1651, or at +63 949-9252600.